Brand Manager | CEO- Her Fitness Sanctuary

Layered, Adaptability, Conscious

These are the words that define Tearra High. Spending more than a decade working in public relations and branding allowed her to gain a variety of hands on experience in the industry serving many business sectors. While working in the industry, Tearra has had the opportunity to work with so many women who she realized was lacking depth and introspection. A deeper connection with their inner self. Tearra had taken her uncanny ability to connect with women and applied this skill to liberate black women from the strongholds and boundaries placed upon WOC. herFITNESS is a healing community centered around women of today. Founded in 2019 by PR expert Tearra High, herFITNESS is a safe space for women looking to create balance, peace and tranquility in their lives. Already immersed in the meditation, yoga, and fitness world, Tearra experienced a life-changing Reiki session that became the spark that allowed herFITNESS to come into fruition. Through her experiences, she aims to meet women where they are, so they can achieve higher levels within their inner being.


sunday MARCH 7, 2021 11:00 AM

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