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The Designer to CEO  Podcast is a weekly business podcast from Brand Designer and Business Coach Ahfeeyah C. Thomas. Join us on the podcast while we help others to find the entrepreneurial balance and still have time for mojitos at the end of the day.

A podcast for forward thinking designers and creatives building businesses online

Host of the Designer to CEO Podcast

ahfeeyah c. thomas

Ahfeeyah C. Thomas is a Brand Designer, Creative Director and CEO of Build Brand Design, a multi-six figure brand and marketing agency headquartered in Boston, MA. She is a Published Author and Corporate Escapee turned Educator for Creative Entrepreneurs helping them to launch lead grow and scale profitable businesses. 

When she's not elevating brands and teaching creatives how to scale to multi six figures you can find her doing what she loves most, being a mother to her two boys Adonai and Elias and devoted wife to her soul mate and life partner Jaye. She enjoys real estate investing, interior design binge-watching HGTV and of course dancing to the lates soca chunes a true testament to her Euro Caribbean heritage. 

Ahfeeyah has successfully impacted the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs across the US and beyond and has been recognized for her authentic and audacious approach to getting the bag, creating legacy and enjoying luxury as a God-given right to every woman and minority. 

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