Brand + Launch Design

Jordan Gustus is a branding and launch designer who creates scroll-stopping designs for expert brands and high-end launches. Essentially, she helps experts actually look like the experts that they are and to stop half a**-ing their launches and digital presence.
Jordan has been designing for over 10 years and is educated in Marketing, Design, & Visual Communication. She has designed and transformed over 150 brands during her career. Her main mission is to help female entrepreneurs be, and look like the experts they are so that they can operate in full confidence and use their knowledge to change the lives of others.
She has consistently done this through her signature four phase branding processes, The Brand Build and The Launch Layout. These process transforms the branding of women who are clearly knowledgeable and brilliant in their area of expertise, however, their branding just doesn’t look the part.
When she’s not designing or chilling on the internet, she can be found trying new local restaurants, making funny Tik-Toks and videos, and shopping for the best bargains.


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